So Sarah and I went to the Apple Store with a mission: get her sister’s iPad fixed put Nicolas Cage’s face on as many things as possible.

However, unlike the people at Best Buy, the people at this Apple Store were onto us. They had removed the right clicking ability of the display computers, rendering it impossible to change their backgrounds!

Bitter and jaded, we wandered that Apple Store. Eventually, we came upon their biggest piece of merchandise: an Apple TV. 

Sarah, ever the opportunist, immediately went to the settings. “But Sarah,” I said. “This is a TV! Surely there is nothing here that can be changed to Nicolas Cage.”

I was wrong. This TV had a screensaver. And the Apple Store, seemingly so prepared for this nonsense, had left a glaring weakness. The screensaver was connected to Flickr. To the internet. 

“Quickly Sarah!” cried I. “Find Nicolas Cage!”

Flickr did not disappoint us in its supply of Nic Cage. Moments later, we were victorious. Nicolas Cage’s glorious face stared out at us from that Apple TV. 

Thus, on April 28th, 2012, Amy and Sarah thwarted the Apple Store’s attempts at control. For though they had protected their lesser computers, they, in their foolishness, left unprotected their largest prize.

And so Nicolas Cage lives on.

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